One of the young indian

“ One of the young indian expected to influence to course of culture, politics and economics in india during the next fifty years “

- Newsweek Magazine, INTERNATIONAL

Traces of distinctive style

“ [many in the audience] in attendance at a recital by Aniruddha Knight on Friday night at the Asia Society... had seen performances by his grandmother Balasaraswati, one of the great interpreters of South Asian classical dance, and found poignant traces of her distinctive style in Mr. Knight’s dancing. “

- New York Times

A unique vocabulary

“ [watching Aniruddha] .. the audience is clearly able to see how dancer and vocalist communicate during the piece through eye, head and hand gestures - a unique vocabulary that creates magic during the performance. “

- Nartanam Dance Journal

A model of grace

“ ...a model of grace, ease and intense involvement in projecting character. “

- Los Angels Times


  • Featured in Newsweek Magazine, 1997
  • New Jersey Council for the Arts, 1997 & 1999
  • Asian Cultural Council, 1997 & 2007
  • "Natya Kalamani" 2003, Kanchi Mutt
  • The LEF Foundation, 2004 & 2008
  • National Endowment for the Arts, 2005
  • NEFA’s National Dance Project grant, 2008
  • New England Foundation for Arts, 2011
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